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Meet the Character ~ Stephanie Harris

Unseen Motives is now in the hands of beta readers. Barring any major glitches, only a few weeks remain until…


Behind The Story ~ Full Moons

On a September night—I believe it was the year 2000—I went outside to my deck. A full moon was already…

A beautiful Texas evening.

Changes and Future Plans

September. The month that ushers in autumn—my favorite season of the year. Here in Texas, we'll have to wait a…

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About the Author

Joan Hall 9 Amazon

Joan Hall is a writer of suspense, mystery, and mainstream fiction. She likes history, folklore, exploring old cemeteries, and full moons.

Her novel Unseen Motives, the first of her Driscoll Lake series, will be published in the fall of 2016.

Joan and her husband live in Texas with their two cats and a dog.