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Why I’ll Never Write Another Book…

...the same way I wrote Unseen Motives. Okay, got you on the title, didn't I? Sorry, but I couldn't resist.…

Along The White Sands

April slipped off her sandals, enjoying the feel of the warm white sand between her toes. The beach was nearly…

Unshod final

Not Your Granddaddy’s Western

At one time, westerns were one of the most popular types of programs on television. Before I was born, my…

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About the Author

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Joan Hall is a writer of suspense, mystery, and mainstream fiction. She likes history, folklore, exploring old cemeteries, and full moons.

Her novel Unseen Motives, the first of her Driscoll Lake series, will be published in the September 2016.

Joan and her husband live in Texas with their two cats and a dog.