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One of the first things I learned as a writer is, "Write What You Know." Okay, I can see the importance of that when writing non-fiction. For instance, I once thought I would write a book based on my experience of being a cancer survivor's wife. I planned to write about our experiences throughout my husband's treatment and recovery. But somehow, the book never got off the ground. Why? Because my deepest desire was always to write fiction. And through my journey, I've found that real-life experiences often make the best stories. Fellow author, C. S. Boyack talks about that over at Story Empire today. Why don't you pay him a visit and see what he has to say? Source: You know stuff, use it | Story Empire

A Video Ode to Book Revision | Story Empire

I had a lot of fun writing Unseen Motives. Because I'm a bit of a panster, I allowed the story to take me along on the journey, and there were a few surprise twists and turns along the way. When I finally finished the first draft in April 2015, I set it aside to "cool down," intending to come back in a month. There was one problem (or so I told myself). In June of that year, my husband and I were planning a twelve-day road trip to Virginia, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We traveled with relatives and I promised the hubs I would not take my laptop. I knew with all the touring and site seeing, I wouldn't have time to even think about writing. He was right. However, upon our return home, I had another problem. I dreaded doing the rewrites. So I put it off to finish…

Top Ten Critique Tips ~ AIW Press

Hey, everyone! Happy Thursday. (Or should I say, Friday Eve?) If you read the acknowledge pages of my books, you'll find that I always give a shout out to my weekly writer's group. I can't tell you how much this group of men and women have helped me over the years. While some members have come and gone, and new ones have joined, we've met for a number of years. Some write inspirational stories, others are writing a memoir, and a couple of us write fiction. We've even had a poet recently join us.  But we have one thing in common: Our love for writing and wanting our work to be the best it can be. Today on the AIW Press blog, Michele Jones offers a list of top ten tips for critiquing. Be sure to check it out. (And more to come about AIW Press in a later post.)…

Author Media Kits ~ Story Empire

Hey, everyone! A couple of weeks ago, fellow author and Story Empire contributor wrote an article on something many author sites are missing. Before reading her post, I thought I had everything (well almost everything) an author website needed. Turns out I was wrong. I've never had a media kit. Confession: I thought media kits were for big name authors such as John Gresham, Jodi Picoult, or James Patterson. Wrong again! All authors can benefit from having a media kit. Today at Story Empire, Staci shares the second of her posts about media kits where she discusses news releases. Click here to read. Save

Confessions of a Cat Lover

Hi, everyone. We've made to tax day here in the United States. Time for some to cry (those who have to pay) and time for some to rejoice (if they're getting a refund). It's also a time when tax accountants, such as my friend Dave, to take a much-needed break. Dave refers to himself as a recovering tax accountant and tomorrow he'll probably be recovering somewhere. It's been a busy month for the other authors and me at Story Empire. And, as usual, most of my posts here have either been links or guest posts for the Story Empire Roadshow that concluded earlier this month. I figured it was time for a little original content. For anyone who has followed my blog for a while or connects with me on Facebook, you already know how much I adore my cats. Recently, friend and fellow author Mae Clair posted about her…

Successful Book Signings ~ Story Empire

As a relatively new published author, I've not yet participated in a book signing. Most of my books being in digital form only but there are some readers who still prefer print copies. And some of those readers love to have autograph copies of their favorite authors' books. Author Mae Clair has some great tips for a successful book signing today at Story Empire. Click here to read her post.

Old Words – New Words

What would you think if you ordered a hamburger at your favorite restaurant and the server asked if you wanted love apples on it? Gross! Some people might eat apple slices on a burger, but I think it's as revolting as having a fried egg on one. (And I like eggs.) If the server were the opposite sex, you might think this person has an appetency (longing or desire) for you and this is a feeble attempt at flirtation. But love apples have nothing to do with apples or flirting. Love apples was once a term used for tomatoes! Language has changed and evolved over the years. Some words become archaic and new words are coined and added to the dictionary regularly. I'm taking the reigns over at Story Empire today with a little fun post about old, new, and fad words. Click here to read.

A Writer’s Journey

Hello and welcome to the Rave Reviews Book Club Blog and Book Party! This is my first time to participate as an RRBC member. It’s been a lot of fun visiting the other sites and getting to know more authors. Today, I’m giving away eBook copies of my novel, Unseen Motives, to two winners. Location: Texas. For a chance to win, please leave a comment today, April 11, and let me know you stopped by. *** A bit about me. I first realized I wanted to be a writer around the age of ten. I grew up in the country just outside a small Texas town. My parents owned forty acres, much of it wooded and I loved to roam through those woods. I've always loved animals and my first "scribblings" were stories of horses. I had a vivid imagination and I loved to read. Two of my favorite childhood…

Roadshow Winners and More

Happy Monday, everyone! In case you missed it, all the authors of Story Empire participated in a traveling bookmobile tour called the Story Empire Roadshow. Each of us offered prizes (a list of all winners will be posted on the Story Empire site on Tuesday). My prize was two Amazon gift cards (Value: $10.00 US). It's with great pleasure I announce the winners: Robbie Cheadle and Carmen Stefanescu. Although I've already contacted you via email, I would again like to say congratulations! I had a blast on the tour - seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was a busy week for us all, and I'm afraid I didn't get a lot of writing done on my WIP, but the tour was worth every moment. We'll likely do another tour sometime in the future, so keep on the lookout. Speaking of Story Empire, check out today's post by Harmony…

P H Solomon ~ The Bow of Destiny

All good things must come to an end and such it is for the Story Empire Roadshow. I'm delighted to have fellow author and Story Empire contributor P. H. Solomon to my site today. Paul, take it away. *** Hello to everyone and thanks to Joan for hosting me today. I’m P. H. Solomon and I’m a fantasy author, living in greater Birmingham, AL.  It’s great to be a part of Story Empire and be on the Roadshow this week. I hope you’ll enjoy all the stops and authors this week and look at our books. To see our schedule and information about our prizes, please click to our Roadshow page and see where we are making appearances each day. This week I’m giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to the most active commenter. As I’ve mentioned earlier this week, I hope to release the last book of The…