I haven't posted any short or flash fiction stories since I gave up First Friday Fiction over a year ago. However, a friend recently encouraged me to try the daily Wordpress prompts. Not only does this post deviate from my usual genre of suspense, it's also written in first person rather than third person. I hope you enjoy this short piece. I felt his presence before I ever saw him—that old familiar feeling of always knowing when he was nearby had returned. I hadn’t felt this way in over two years, but somehow, I knew he was here. Our friends and co-workers often wondered how I had this penchant for knowing where he was. I couldn’t explain it. I guess it came from being partners for almost five years. Or maybe because he saved my life on more than one occasion. We were more than partners and co-workers. We had…

Wrapping it Up – June 16

Hi, everyone. Hard to believe another week has come and gone. While the official start of summer is still a few days away, we're already experiencing summer-like temperatures here in Texas. The days have grown longer, but that is something I enjoy. And, in spite of the heat, there are so many things I enjoy about summer. However, it's time for my weekly wrap-up with links to Story Empire and AIW Press. I'm a Beatles fan, in case you didn't know, so of course, I would find a way to tie them to writing. My Monday post at Story Empire talks about their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album and how writers can learn from them. Click here to read. Wednesday, Harmony Kent had a great post about the use of commas. This is part one of two - the second will be upcoming in a few weeks. Be sure to…

Wrapping it Up

Hi, everyone. To not have so many posts each week linking to the other sites where I contribute (AIW Press and Story Empire), I've decided to do a weekly wrap-up post each Friday. The idea is to free the other days for original content. It's been a crazy couple of weeks here for me. We're expecting surveyors at my day job, and by preparing for that, I've come home mentally exhausted each day which is not good for writing. However, I'm still hard at work on the first draft for Unknown Reasons, the sequel to Unseen Motives. I also have a short-story planned for an upcoming anthology (more about that later), and a couple of ideas are floating in my head for two free-standing novels. So many ideas, so little time to write. Anyhow, let's get to this week's links. Monday at Story Empire, fellow author P. H. Solomon shared…


Today in the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day. It's sort of the unofficial start of summer. Kids get out of school, families begin taking vacations, and many people will flock to the lakes for boating, skiing, and cookouts. But this is not a holiday to be taken lightly. It began as Decoration Day back in 1868 when our country was trying to heal itself from the wounds of the civil war. In 1971, President Lyndon Johnson signed a law making Memorial Day a federal holiday. The day is a time for us as a nation to honor those who died in service for our country. If you are celebrating today with family or friends, don't forget what this is all about.  It's been said a picture says a thousand words, so I'll leave you with a few photos taken mostly in Arlington National Cemetery and Washington, DC.   [caption…

In and Around the Web

TGIF everyone! I, for one, am glad for an upcoming three-day weekend. But for now, it's Friday and that means it's time for another curated content post at Story Empire. Each week, the six Story Empire authors share different posts we've found around the web related to writing and/or marketing. Click here to read this week's list. And yesterday at the AIW Press blog, K. E. Lane shared the second in her series on Ten Tips to a Better Manuscript. And if you missed part one, click here. And last, but not least, fellow author Carmen Stefanescu posted a wonderful review of my novel Unseen Motives. You can read her review by clicking this link. (Thanks, Carmen!) Wishing everyone a great fun-filled weekend.

Building Your Followers

Hi, everyone. As writers, we need to build our list of followers. And I have to admit, this is one of the hardest things for me to do. Not because I don't enjoy the interaction with readers, but self-promotion just isn't me. However, promoting our work in this day and age is a necessity. It's my time to post at Story Empire today where I talk about this subject, using an example from one of my favorite movies. (Hint, it involves baseball.) So why not hop over to SE now?  

Harvesting the Crop of your writing | Story Empire

Good morning, readers. I've been a bit silent here and social media. I'm going into what I call my "summer mode." Things change around the Hall household during summer as my husband, who normally works evenings transitions to days. That means I get less writing done, but we get to spend more time together. However, he's made a promise to hold me accountable to writing at least an hour each evening. After all, I have a novel to finish as well as a short story for an upcoming anthology (more to come on that down the road). Suffice to say, I'm excited about the project. Anyhow, Harmony Kent is posting today at Story Empire with another great article. Click the link below to visit and read. Source: Harvesting the Crop of your writing | Story Empire

One Tip to Type Faster Using Scrivener | Story Empire

Many of you may know that I'm a big fan of the writing tool, Scrivener. It's much better than using Word or any other word-processing software. However, I've only scratched the surface of what this tool can do. Fellow author P. H. Solomon takes the reigns at Story Empire today with another Scrivener tip. Click the link below to visit and read. Source: One Tip to Type Faster Using Scrivener | Story Empire

A Self-Publishing Checklist | Story Empire

Happy Monday, everyone! Self-publishing allows an author a lot of freedom, but with it also comes work. There is the editing, cover design, marketing, etc. Today at Story Empire, fellow author Craig Boyack provides a self-publishing checklist. Click the link below to read his post. Source: A Self-Publishing Checklist | Story Empire

Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover? – AIW Press, LLC

Hey everyone. It's been a crazy, busy week for me. Wish I could say the busyness was related to writing, but alas, I can't. Anyway, today I'm posting at AIW Press where I talk about book cover designs. Click the link below to read. Okay, confession time. As much as I love my Kindle and the opportunity to carry an entire library in my purse, I often miss making visits to a brick and mortar bookstore. There is something to be s… Source: Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover? – AIW Press, LLC