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Authors have so much more to do these days than writing. Self-published authors must also know marketing, have a strong presence on social media, build up a mailing list, and so much more. Traditionally published authors have the benefit of having a publisher behind them. But even so, they still have to do part of the work. One of the things I've not done (or even thought about doing) is to have a media kit. (Another item on my to-do list!) Staci Troilo takes the reigns over at Story Empire today where she talks about the benefits of this valuable marketing tool. Click below to read her informative post. Source: What Your Author Website is Likely Missing | Story Empire

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Hello, Everyone. There are basically two types of writers. Plotters do detailed outlines of their books before they begin to write the first chapter. Many of them know the exact number of chapters to write the story and have a brief synopsis of each one. They do in-depth character sketches and develop settings with great detail. When they sit down to write the novel, the story has already been developed. On the other hand, pantsers (those who write by the seat of their pants) don't do any planning at all. They may have a general idea of what their story is, but they write with the idea of allowing the story to take on a life of its own. Actually, there is a third type of writer - the one who is a combination of a plotter and a panster. I consider myself in this category. But whatever category a…

Confessions of a Distracted Writer

I just finished a week of vacation, or rather staycation, since I stayed at home. Outside of celebrating my birthday, dinner with friends on Saturday night, and actually cooking dinner each night for my husband, I spent the week around the house in the company of my two cats. (That's Tucker in the above photo, Little Bit is actually inside the cat tree, but you can't see him because of his black color.) And that's how I wanted things. I planned for the week to revolve around writing. The second book of my Driscoll Lake Series, Unknown Reasons, is taking shape. I set a lofty goal of 6000 words per day and felt certain I could accomplish that. Wrong! I allowed myself to be distracted by watching videos, interacting with others on social media, and even playing online games. Although I didn't make my word goal, I did make progress…

Branding | Story Empire

These days, writers can't merely be writers. Truthfully, most of us would probably rather sit at our desks, drum out stories, and leave the promotion and branding up to someone else. However, in today's world, we can't do that. Authors need a social media presence, they need to build up their email list, and they need a brand. Something that sets them apart from other writers. Something that readers will easily recognize and keep coming back for more. Fellow author C. S. Boyack discusses the importance of building a brand today at Story Empire. To read Craig's thoughts, click the link below to hop over to the SE site. Source: Branding | Story Empire

Scrivener – The Almost Perfect Writing Tool

Good morning readers. I'm enjoying a week of "staycation" one in which I plan to devote to writing the first draft of Unknown Reasons. I've looked forward to writing the second of the Driscoll Lake Series for some time and even more to when it's published sometime this summer. And I can't imagine using anything other than Scrivener for writing. Scrivener? If you aren't a writer, you might not have heard of this tool. And if you are a writer, perhaps you've resisted using it. I once resisted myself, but now I can't imagine going back to Word for writing a full-length novel. I used it when writing The Stranger and Unseen Motives. (The photo above is a screen shot of the Unseen Motives project. So what is Scrivener? I'd call it a glorified version of Word but with so much more. The developers at Literature and Latte understand writing…

An Amazonian-Sized Problem | Story Empire

Good morning readers. Book reviews are a necessary evil, ahem, part of an independent writer's life. Because we aren't with big name publishers, we have to work harder at promoting our work. And often word of mouth, or in today's world, online reviews are the best way for others to learn about us. Amazon (the biggest online retailer) often seems less than friendly toward Indie Authors. Fellow author and friend Staci Troilo talks about this problem on Story Empire. Whether you are a writer or a reader, I think you'll find the post helpful. Click the link below to read her post. Source: An Amazonian-Sized Problem | Story Empire

Another Detour

This seems to be my week for guest posting. Today I'm interviewing with USA Bestselling author Stacy Claflin at her site. I talk about, among other things, my novel Unseen Motives. Click here to hop on over to Stacy's site and check out my interview.

What’s on My Bookshelf?

Long before I became a writer, I was a reader. When I was in school, I frequented the library to check out books. Later, I began to visit the local bookstore where I would browse the shelves and often purchase paperbacks. One particular summer, I would hurry home from work, grab an ice cold beverage, and head outside to a hammock with a book in hand. There I would read for hours. I still enjoy reading when I have the time, especially fiction. And although most of my books are now in electronic format, I still have a few of my favorites in hardback and paperback. Today, I'm a guest of author D. S. Nelson for her regular feature, What's on Your Bookshelf. For a look at what's on my shelf, click here.

What’s in a Name? | Story Empire

Good morning readers. I'm posting over at Story Empire today where I talk about character names. Click the link to read the full post. Hi SE’rs, Joan here. Happy first day of March. The Story Empire authors are expanding our blogging schedule to Mondays and Wednesdays along with a Friday share thread. I’m the first to post on Wedn… Source: What’s in a Name? | Story Empire

Need Ideas?

One thing I often hear new and even experienced writers say is that they don't know what to write about.  I'm posting for the first time on Story Empire today where I talk about ways to generate ideas. So I hope you'll take time to hop on over and read The Stories Around Us.