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The Stranger


Her life changed forever when the stranger came to town…

Julie Williams has what most people would call an ideal life—a loving husband, a daughter in college, a son in the military. She and her husband Mark live in a small town where she owns and operates a coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds.

But Julie didn’t always have it so easy. Raised in a single parent household by a selfish and domineering mother who moved them around the country, she longed for stability and a place to call home.

When she decides to enlist the help of a local genealogist to search for information about her father, she learns shocking information about both parents.

Then a mysterious stranger with an apparent past connection to Julie arrives in town. He begins to watch her movements, ask questions, and hang around her coffee shop.

Who is the stranger? What does he want with Julie? Will he destroy the life she always wanted?



He learned Julie had lived in Morgantown for eight years with her husband—a retired army officer. His research revealed they had two children, along with the name of the college their daughter attended and the name of her son’s military base.

He knew her address, the date they bought their home, and that she purchased a coffee shop within the past year.

But the online research couldn’t provide every piece of information. A long time marriage didn’t necessarily indicate a happy one.

Was she satisfied living in one place after moving around most of her life? How did she react to her mother’s death? It was impossible to tell by the brief time he saw her at the cemetery.

The time he waited enabled him to disguise himself. The beard would help hide any distinct facial features, although there was little reason to believe Julie would recognize him now.

Disguises were commonplace in his line of work, but hardly necessary this time. He was role-playing. Even his choice of traveling by train was all part of the game.

The Stranger

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