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An anthology of traditional and contemporary western short stories where the characters are lain bare.

Feel the pain of a young Japanese girl who comes home from an internment camp after World War II and learns it’s easier to go with the flow than to fight the current.

Struggle with an expectant mother on the cold winter prairie while she waits for her husband to come home from a hunting trip.

Journey with a young woman to the Four Corners as she tries to connect with her Navajo ancestors.

Try not to believe in the superstition of the blue moon—if one dies, three more will follow.

Know that one way or another, life will change inalterably that day.

Walk in the footsteps of an old cowpoke who thought he made the deal of a lifetime.

Suffer the torments of a young lady who wants desperately to marry but seems destined never to wed.

Walk the wild western paths and run from unimaginable dangers.

Choose between an unhappy life of luxury or a happy life of simplicity.

Nine female authors pen western tales that you’ll want to retell around a campfire. These aren’t your granddaddy’s westerns. They’re the next generation’s, and they’re darn good.

Excerpt from The Blue Moon Murders

Erin stared at the phone, puzzled by Kate’s words. Derek hadn’t said anything about her not feeling well. Whatever it was came about suddenly. Something wasn’t right. Why did she refer to the eclipse as a blood moon? During their conversation yesterday, she’d been adamant about calling it an eclipse.

“What is it with blue moons and blood moons? I’ll be glad when this night’s over.”

She started to place her cell phone on the counter, but stopped.

When one family member dies, three more will follow.

Time running out. Blood will be spilled.

“The blood moon. He isn’t going to wait until the next blue moon.” Erin grabbed her keys and cell phone and rushed out of the house.



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