Story Empire

This year is off to a running start. Can you believe over half the month has already passed? As usual, I’m having a hard time keeping up. You know, the day job, family, household chores, and squeezing time in to write.

But I do want to tell you my newest venture. Story Empire is a site where authors who have a passion for fiction explore the writing world – from writing to publishing to promotion. I am both honored and excited to join founding members Craig Boyack, Mae Clair, Harmony Kent, and Staci Troilo as well as another new contributor, P. H. Solomon. We have a regular Monday blog post, occasional other posts, information about our books, and sometimes offer promotional tours.

So why don’t you hop on over and read Mae’s post welcoming P. H. and myself? And while you’re there, taking a look around. You’ll find something for both writers and readers.

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