Spotify, Writing, and a New Release

Hi Everyone. You might wonder if Spotify, writing, and a new release have anything in common. I can assure you they do. (At least for me.) 🙂 Today, I'm thrilled to be a guest at Staci Trolio's site today talking about my newest novel, Unknown Reasons, the second book of my Driscoll Lake Series. So why not … Continue reading Spotify, Writing, and a New Release

Why a Novella? Guest Post by C. S. Boyack

Hi Everyone. It's a pleasure to welcome fellow author and Story Empire contributor C. S. Boyack to my blog today. Craig has a new novella he recently released, and he's here to tell you about  the book and why he chose to write a novella rather than a longer novel. Thanks for inviting me over … Continue reading Why a Novella? Guest Post by C. S. Boyack

Friday Fiction Prompt | Story Empire

Hi everyone! Just a short post to announce something new over at Story Empire. The first Friday of each month, we will feature either a photo or a word prompt and invite readers to write a flash fiction story based on the prompt. For more information on how to particpate, click the link below. Source: … Continue reading Friday Fiction Prompt | Story Empire

New Year, New Beginnings

New beginnings. Okay, I probably say that this time every year. But I always look at January 1 as a time to start over. To put aside our perceived failures and move forward to achieve our plans and dreams. As you know from my last post, I didn’t accomplish all that I planned last year. … Continue reading New Year, New Beginnings

The Year That Wasn’t… The Year That Was

I had high hopes for this year. After publishing my first novel, a novella, and contributing to three anthologies in 2016, this year could only get better. Right? Wrong! I thought I would finish the first draft of my novel, Unknown Reasons, by March at the latest. Then came April, May, June. The clock kept … Continue reading The Year That Wasn’t… The Year That Was

Offering our Thanks and Asking a Favor | Story Empire

Hi everyone. Many of you know that I am with a group of six authors who contribute to the site Story Empire.  Today, I'd like to direct your attention to the site because we have been nominated as a favorite writing blog on Positive Writer! Read Staci's post to learn more and to know how … Continue reading Offering our Thanks and Asking a Favor | Story Empire

A Book Lover’s Tag

Well, I've had an interesting week. For several months, I've been bothered by knee pain. Finally got a referral to an orthopedic surgeon and surgery may be in my future. However, I woke up on Monday with pain in my right middle toe. (You might guess its on the same side as my bad knee.) … Continue reading A Book Lover’s Tag


I haven't done any short fiction lately but this is a continuation of a series of short pieces inspired by the WordPress daily prompts. The other intallments are: Here The Passenger Can't Fight This Feeling And now for today's story. Sure, my feelings for him were dormant. Were being the keyword. Now, as he came … Continue reading Drawn

Updates, Links, and More

Last Saturday, I realized I didn't do my Friday post. It was an incredibly busy week at my day job and as a co-worker said, "This week has been six weeks long." Wish I could offer that as an excuse, but the truth is simple. I forgot! Things have been a little calmer this week. … Continue reading Updates, Links, and More