Full Moons, Time Travel, and a Holiday

After taking two days off from my day job last week, I had a five day weekend with the Labor Day holiday. And can I say those five days went by incredibly fast? Somehow, in my busyness to finish Unknown Reasons as well as formatting another book, I lost track of the fact we had … Continue reading Full Moons, Time Travel, and a Holiday

Weather, Writing, and Story Empire

Happy first day of May, everyone. Can't believe another month has passed us by, but April bid her farewell yesterday. She said goodbye with a vengeance in my part of Texas. Multiple tornadoes occurred within fifty miles of where I live on Saturday evening, one year to the date when two tornadoes swept through my … Continue reading Weather, Writing, and Story Empire

This and That

Every time I think I’m going to blog on a regular basis, like maybe weekly, something happens. Before I know it, two or three weeks have passed. And while I don’t want to write something just for the sake of writing, I would like to communicate more often with my readers. So what have I … Continue reading This and That

The Loner

Allison's mouth fell open as she looked at the man who claimed to be Cooper’s owner. His intense stare made her skin tingle. She instinctively gripped the dog’s collar and thought of Maggie’s suggestion to carry a gun. Cooper remained calm and stayed at Allison’s side. He didn’t act as if he knew the man, … Continue reading The Loner

December~Winter Solstice and More

December. The twelfth month of the year. It's unbelievable almost a full year has passed since I began this series. Activities, holiday festivities and celebrations fill the month of December - one of the busiest times of the year. The winter solstice occurs on December 22. What else can we learn about this month? December … Continue reading December~Winter Solstice and More

October ~Autumn’s Masterpiece

What can I say about October? That glorious month of the year when the trees are full of vibrant color, the sounds of migrating birds fill the air, and the days are crisp and sunny. L. M. Montgomery's words sum it up: "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." ~L.M. … Continue reading October ~Autumn’s Masterpiece

The Weekend

"What's the deal, doctor? Will I live?" Kaye Owens sat on the exam table, swinging her feet off the side. She'd worked hard to establish her own catering service. Now that it was profitable, she could ill afford to slack off. The three hours spent in the doctor's office were ones she would never get … Continue reading The Weekend

June~Summer, Strawberries, and More

Can you believe we're already into the sixth month of the year? Summer is upon us, school is out, and many families take vacations. Let's learn a little more about the month of June. June is one of my favorite months. In the northern hemisphere, it is the time of summer solstice, or the longest … Continue reading June~Summer, Strawberries, and More