Who Am I?

Daffodils. Fellows Riverside Gardens.Several years ago for a writing assignment, I had to describe a color without using the name. I had fun with this and equally enjoyed my fellow classmates descriptions of colors. I decided to revive this piece and I hope you will enjoy it.

I am the daffodil or buttercup in the spring.

I am the brilliant leaves of the quaking Aspen in the fall.

Don’t call me a coward—though that term has often been associated with me.

When you see a school bus, a caution sign, or a warning light, you see me.

I am the light in the window on a dark night.

I am the Labrador Retriever curled up by the fire.

I am the fire, but I am not harsh.

Look upon the beautiful Topaz and find me there.

I am saffron.

I am lemon.

I am warm like a summer day.

Sometimes I am soft as moonlight, other times brilliant as the sun.

A song written about me says that I am mellow.

I am vibrant.

I am alive.

I am yellow.

6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

    • Sharon – it is a fun exercise. I haven’t tried it with other colors, but who knows? Might have to do that someday.

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