New Year, New Beginnings

MAKY_OREL / Pixabay

New beginnings. Okay, I probably say that this time every year. But I always look at January 1 as a time to start over. To put aside our perceived failures and move forward to achieve our plans and dreams.

As you know from my last post, I didn’t accomplish all that I planned last year. But I’m determined to have a better year in 2018, starting with a new book.

That’s right. I’ve begun writing the third and final installment of my Driscoll Lake Series. Unclear Purposes should will be released in the fall.

It took me a year to write the first draft of Unseen Motives and another year before I began the edits. Unknown Reasons was a year in writing, editing, and publishing. Yes, you heard right. The eBook version is now available at your favorite online retailers. Click here to read more or here for the universal purchase link. For those of you who still like the feel of a book in your hands, the paperback version will be available soon.

I hesitate even to list goals for this year, but there are several things I want to do.

  • Writing – as I mentioned earlier, I’ve started writing Unclear Purposes. I’m toying with an idea for another free-standing novel. Beyond that, I may write a few short stories, particularly if I’m invited to contribute to another anthology.
  • Blogging – technically, blogging is writing, but I need to be more consistent. I would also like to participate in some word prompts and write short fiction pieces.
  • Story Empire – speaking of word prompts, the Story Empire authors have some new and exciting things planned for this year. Check out this post by fellow author, P. H. Solomon about our new Friday features.
  • Visiting – I sorely lacked in my visits to other bloggers. I plan to do more of that during the year.
  • Reading – in 2016, I signed up for my first Goodreads challenge. I set a goal of twenty-five books and completed twenty-six. In 2017, I set a goal of thirty books, but only finished twenty. This year, I’m back to a goal of twenty-five, but hope to read more.

Lofty goals? Not really. With better time management, I feel I can do these things. Did I mention I also have a full-time job?

  • Wishing you much success in 2018. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Thanks, Staci! And the same to you and your family.

  • Sue

    Happy new year and all the best as you meet those goals, Joan!

    • Thank you so much, Sue. Happy New Year and best wishes to you!

  • Sending you wishes for a successful 2018 in your goals and otherwise. Happy New Year to you, John, and your kitties.

    • Thanks, Sherrey! And a Happy New Year to you, Bob, and your kitty! Hoping you have a year filled with health and happiness.

  • C. S. Boyack

    You can do it. I’m cheering for you.

    • Thanks, Craig. I’m optimistic about this year. Wishing you much success as well.

  • It’s sounds like you’ve got a good set of goals, Joan. And I know how hard it is staying on top of them with a full-time job. Ugh!

    A HUGE congrats on the release of Unknown Reasons. I’m currently at the 55% mark and eager to find out how things will wrap up. I have my suspicions about the arsonist. I’m looking forward to reading more tonight.

    Happy New Year! I wish you much success in 2018 and the accomplishment of all your goals!

    • Wow, you are a fast reader. Let me know if your guess was correct. And I wish all the best for you in this new year!

      • Well I knew who it wasn’t, but not who it was. Nice twists! I finished it last night and left a review for you on Amazon and GR. 5 Stars!!

        • Thanks for the wonderful review, Mae! I’ve read a lot of mystery/suspense stories and almost always figure out the culprit before the end. Glad to know I managed to keep you in suspense!